First blog post

” . It’s spring time, leafs are growing, the green is showing, and Soft wind starts blowing, Blue skies are here the clouds disappeared , rosy skin might have stolen the show but the smiles on the skinny faces left long ago letting as wonder if they’ll ever come back to say hello ,other than that i’m walking under this beautiful weather not knowing what are my thoughts about it, either just a sunny day where i’ll forget about all the shots that fooled my hand going into my mouth to sink into deep moments forgetting about my lost in those cold rainy dark nights and enjoy the moment or, is it just a lie a nice painting a tiny part of happiness that is given to me and that stays there until i’ll open my heart fully and fall for it completely so than she can take it all away at that specific moment and watch me burn peace by peace until dust is all what’s left of me… , i wonder . ”

By “”A.Y.C””

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“Sushi Burrito ..”

——->*The new food trend is Sushi burrito yummy /easy to make/ and you can take it every where eat it where ever you want and share some of it with some friends even when you are out side annnd don’t forget to leive me some .Enjoy!

“Good morning..”

——>*Good morning little birds it’s an early morning for me today , it’s nice to wake up early you feel like you own the world , you are full of energy and hope and good will but once again a good cup of coffee will do no harm .Enjoy!

Man Cloths..

——–>*it’s nice to talk about girls clothing hauls, girls makeup tutorials, girls trends/routines/fashion and so it goes but, it’s time to give the opposite sex a little place to express themselfs .Enjoy!

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